This software makes resizing images a snap - lets say you have 15 images that are HUGE size right from your camera...

Your goal is to reduce the image file size (for FAST web page loading AND to get all the images to the size you want them to be on your webpage.. now you can do this all at the same time - just play with the settings and you are ready to go.

I DO suggest that you do NOT overwrite your original images - you may want the larger size in the future.
Before you get started sizing images vcreate a folder wherever you want to keep the new images and save the updated changed images to that folder! 

Click this Link for the FREE Download: 

Please be aware that they will offer a PAID version - You Absolutely don't need it!

Click the Green Download Button on the page and Watch the Video below the button - and you are ready to go!
Naturally install the Software by clicking on the file you just downloaded for installation.

Do NOT install any EXTRA items that may be suggested when you go through the install process.