If you just Purchased our Reputation Marketing Software:

Here is the time table:

During your Check-out you should have been directed to a Registration Page asking for you business information such as your phone # , address emails etc..  it's vital that you fill this out immediately so we can get your company information from you. This information will ONLY be used to set up your software.

If you think you have NOT done this step or been directed to this Form to fill in - then please go to your Email and look for an email with the subject line: Welcome or Registration. Click the link and fill in the form. If for some reason you don't see the email then - please put in a support ticket Immediately so we can send you to the page. When you send the ticket to us it is Vital that you send a Copy of your Purchase Receipt.


1st you will receive email confirmation emails from PayPal or Stripe for your Purchase.

Step 2 of this process: you'll be directed to APPOINTLET to set a free phone conversation to get you started and be sure we have all the info we need.

You'll receive another email giving you access to our Private Members Area - NEW for APRIL 2016 Lots of great info and Videos ENJOY!
Login - you Can change your Password at any time. May NOT be active Yet!!

Finally: Please know that we are working on your account setup - This is NOT an automated process - we set every account up by hand. Typically its 24 hours or less for your account with BASIC setup. If you opted for one of our upgraded setup offers it may take slightly longer.

We are looking forward to talking with you personally on our Appointment! (that You Setup during our on-boarding Process)

Can't Wait to Meet you!!