Hey there!

We take your issues, very seriously and we want to fix any thing
you need quickly and make sure you are happy!

So, we Need Your Help!

Here is what we need from you - on ALL Technical issues
basically that means ANYTHING outside of uploading images and videos to us...

We MUST have you create a quick JING (FREE) or any other quick desktop video 

of your problem WITH you talking about what you need or whats wrong.

When you do this all the guess work on our end is gone!

We can fix your issue or ask a question so we can move forward with your FIX.

So, Here are a couple of links to get a Desktop Video Creation software for FREE...

YUP - its free - don't upgrade to a paid version you will NOT need it!

PS - it looks like Jing is switching over to SNAGIT - which is only PAID so I would 

get this Now if I was you!