To LOAD Images simply create a NEW TICKET - at the very bottom of the screen you'll see a Blue link

that looks like this  - Attach a file

Click that button to load your images - Images can take some time to properly size for your purpose

We are happy to do whats needed - or you can use Image Resizer - and send the images to us ready to go

it's your choice. (see Link for FREE tool at bottom of this page).

When you add an IMAGE for upload please remember:

The following items MUST be Included:

1. The IMAGE (naturally)

2. A Brief Description of What the Image is

3. Your Suggested KEYWORD

4. Where it is to be Used.. Website, Media Package etc..

Simply The copy the Exact Page LINK URL to where you want your image posted
(Copy the URL & paste it in your ticket)

Is it on a Website which We Manage for you.. in Infographics, other print art

or on a squeeze page etc..

Remember - Images are Great SEO Bait! Getting you more Traffic & Leads...

If we are providing Social Syndication for you... on Images Videos, reviews etc..

Please let us know of any pages where you want the image
EXCLUDED From / Ie: Facebook / Instagram etc..
Please Include the URL to the your ticket.

Here is a link to an additional IMAGE RESIZER for you - it's FREE!

FREE Image Resizer and Extension Changer